Broken Hand Series

– By Chloe Tredrea| June 14, 2017





Broken Hand Series is a collection of photos by Chloe Tredrea, which explore the daily routine of her father, Terry. Unable to work after a cycling injury, Chloe’s photos attempt to investigate her father adapting to an idler lifestyle.. The images are captured solely from inside his home; however, each photograph includes a window to the outside. The injury was of course an ordeal, but also provided Terry with the time to pursue his love of writing.The soft natural light  conveys  this dual sense of melancholy and peace. This dichotomy is further enforced by using black and white instead of colour. The removal of colour makes the images colder, yet also works to emphasise the gentle glow from the windows. As Terry was living in a share-house at the time, the series is both alien and familiar to the artist, photographing her father in another person’s space. For the audience, this same feeling is produced by observing intimate and familiar routines, performed by a stranger.


Chloe Tredrea studies Photography and Anthropology at ANU. Her work often encounters issues of belonging and separation. This series adds to the artist’s larger body of works, which often explore subjects from an anthropological perspective, appearing both immersed and detached from the scenes she captures.

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