Our girls

By Nicola Jackson|October 14, 2016


schifl2mfd016100611342Watercolour by Judy Kuo.

The radio alarm this morning
leaked a slow dark stain.

Some deaths are quick 
and almost fine. These
have caused the stars to reel
in pain.

Take my morning cup
of Earl Grey tea,
take the slow swell of quiet sun
through the autumn glass.

Take the polished surface 
of the bed-side chest,

my fingernails, my very skin.


to the echoes of their mother,
still speaking of the day that Daesh came.
Forced her to watch.

We cannot even bear to hear.

Take two small girls to infinity
and keep their voices

Just their voices


Nicola Jackson was one of the first women students at Clare College, Cambridge, and worked in community education following time in academic research; she is now a freelance writer and a student on the Newcastle University/Poetry School MA in Writing Poetry. Her poetry is published in journals and newspapers including the Morning Star, and her work was commended in the Hippocrates Prize for Poetry and Medicine in Spring 2016.

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