People ask me what’s it like

living in New Zealand

By Wes Lee|June 02, 2017


Image: From the Living Room by Peter Roome, flickr and The Praries 1 by Nautical 9, flickr. Adapted and combined by Hanna Sandgren.

It’s a beautiful place

a lot of Americans are eyeing like the Martians

in War of the Worlds,

to layer over with


end of the world condominiums

where lighting

is utmost

to combat depression,

where the prairies

play on an endless loop

in windowless rooms,

where the men with guns outside

are on your payroll

the pilot’s

family taken care of.

In their dreams each night

a strange savage cat goes out,


to place a broke-neck bird.

Wes Lee lives in Wellington, New Zealand. Her poems have appeared in Cordite, Westerly, Verandah, The London Magazine, Poetry London, Magma, The Best New British and Irish Poets 2016, Driftfish: A Zoomorphic Anthology of Oceanic Life, The University of Canberra Vice Chancellor’s Poetry Prize Anthology, and many other journals and anthologies. She is the author of Cowboy Genes (Grist Books, 2014), Shooting Gallery (Steele Roberts, 2016), and a pamphlet forthcoming in 2017 with Eyewear Publishing in London.

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